Payment Options

Payment Options

PhotoBook Press accepts valid credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) for payment for its books and services. PhotoBook Press also accepts checks or other recognized payment forms (such as bank wire transfer or travelers checks), although any payment form other than credit card will require prior approval, may incur additional cost to you, and may result in a delay in the completion of your book.

It is PhotoBook Press policy to collect a non-refundable 50% transaction fee to begin any project. The fee will be based on the then estimated price of the project. The estimated price will be determined by one of the following:

  • Completion of the book configuration application and shopping cart
  • Submission of a Design Tool book and completion of the Design Tool order entry process
  • An estimate prepared by us and presented to you electronically

The balance due for the project will be calculated based on the total price of the project (which may include additional charges for changes or additions to the original order) minus the initial transaction fee.

The balance due will be collected along with all applicable taxes, shipping and handling fees at the time that a project is completed and prior to delivering the project to the selected carrier.

Credit cards will be processed through PhotoBook Press then current merchant account. You will be required to provide all information required to successfully process your credit card payment.

PhotoBook Press accepts checks for payment, but will require sufficient time for the check to clear our banking facilities before we initiate any project. We will waive the waiting period for clients with an established credit relationship with us or with a valid credit card on record with us.

Other forms of payment may be accepted. You should check with us for terms and the effect on the timing of your projects.

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