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First steps to using the Design Tool

Select a specific step below, scroll down the page to follow all the steps in sequence, or
watch the Get Started Instructional Video.

  1. Open the Application
  2. Select PhotoBooks
  3. Start your Book
  4. Select Book Features
  5. Load Images
  6. Layout Pages
  7. Navigate Pages
  8. Upload your Book
  9. Place your Order
  1. Open the application - Double-click the PhotoBook Press Design Tool desktop shortcut to open the application.
    NOTE: on a Mac, move your Design Tool application out of your Downloads folder (the default destination) and on to your Desktop or Applications folder.
  2. Select PhotoBooks - A welcome screen will come up. Click on PhotoBooks in the upper left corner (below the Home icon).

  3. Start a new PhotoBook

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  4. Start your book - You can now choose the way in which you want to create your book:
    • Create New (to start a brand new project - see the image below)
    • Open (to open an existing project in your archives)
    • Import (to import a project previously exported)
    • Export (to save a complete project, including images, for future use; or for getting help from PhotoBook Press)
    • Delete (to permanently remove an unwanted project)

    Choose a new project, or from the other options...

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  6. Select book features - Now, choose a size and construction type for your photo book (e.g. square, portrait, or landscape; sewn signature or glued spine; standard or graphic cover).
    • All sewn photo books have a minimum of 36 pages & come in signatures (increments) of 12 pages.
    • Perfect bound (glued spine) books come in increments of 2 pages, starting with a minimum of 20 pages.
    • Standard Covers are any fabric cover. Fabric choice (bonded leather, satins, genuine leather) will be made AFTER the book is uploaded at which point the order will be completed.
    • Graphic Covers are any variation with a laminated image cover (one-piece wrap around, or 2 or 3 piece combinations, soft cover books). You will be prompted to supply a cover design with this option.

    Choose your size and book type.

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  7. Load images - You should now see the Photo Book workspace. Use the Image Browser at the bottom of the workspace to load pictures to use for your photo book. To do so:
    • Click the Add Picture or Add Folder (of pictures) icon at the left of the Image Browser. You can then drag & drop pictures directly from the Image Browser and onto your photo book pages.

    Empty Pages - Adding Images

    • If you are using layouts or templates, you can use the Distribute Pictures command (under the Layout menu) to automatically distribute your pictures amongst the pages.
    • NOTE: You must keep all images in your book on your computer if you want to return to the saved book for further editing. Any images remaining on a hard drive that is disconnected will be un-linked from the book design and you will have to start your design from the beginning.

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  8. Layout pages - Toggle between the various page display options seen as tabs on the Image Browser:
    • Page Layouts – preset arrangements of picture-ready picture frames. Once applied to a page, you can still rearrange the layout elements any way you choose.
    • Page Backgrounds – various colors, textures, and designs you can apply to your pages.
    • Picture Borders – borders of various color and thickness you can apply to pictures.
    • Templates – themes that can be applied to your entire photo book. Once applied to a page, you can still rearrange the template elements any way you choose.

    All of these items can be dragged & dropped directly onto a page (or frame, as the case may be).

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  9. Navigate pages - To move around the pages of your photo book, click the desired page in the Pages Browser. You can also navigate using the navigation arrows located on the toolbar.
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  11. Upload your book - When you’re done designing your photo book, click the Send To PhotoBook Press button to upload your project to our production facilities. The Upload Dialog window will show progress and give options to preview before completing the upload.

  12. Upload completed book to PhotoBook Press

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  13. Place your order - After you click the Continue button to finish the upload process, you will be redirected to the Price My Book ordering / shopping cart page, where:
    • You can verify the selections you made in designing your book.
    • Make modifications to cover fabrics, end papers, and other upgrades by selecting the appropriate choices in the Price My Book configuration tool.
    • Select Continue to move to the shopping cart and to check out.
    • We will collect a 50% deposit when you submit your book. The balance will be due when your book is ready to ship.
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NOTE: You may still make changes to your book after you submit it. We will contact you after receiving your book with production details.

For more information on using PhotoBook Press Design Tool, see Design Tool Tips.

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Ordering Your Photo Book

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