Sewn or Glued

The highest standards of print quality and archival integrity of papers is present in both hard and soft cover books from PhotoBook Press.


If you want your book to feel substantial, open flat and last forever, a sewn book is the only choice. Sewn books are are almost always hard cover and sewn in 12 page signatures from 36 pages up to 396 pages. They will always open flat, they will never come apart and the images will be as beautiful many years from now as they are today.


A glued book is the most common binding among photo books. Often called “perfect binding” it is usually a paperback but could be available with a hard cover (with a glued spine). This is the only choice if your book has fewer than 36 pages (sides), a good choice if you might update the book some time in the future and reprint it, or if you want more economical copies of hard cover books. Soft cover books come in a wide variety of sizes and in page counts up to 400 pages.